February 4, 2015

Introducing Bobbie Rhoads, Founder & CEO of FunBites!

Friends, I am beyond excited to introduce you to Bobbie Rhoads. Bobbie is the CEO & Founder of ‘FunBites.’ Like so many great ideas, hers is a simple one—to make food fun. It’s amazing how the presentation of food can affect our kids’ excitement level about eating it. With FunBites, you can present healthy options to your picky eaters, and even children’s classics like a peanut butter sandwich in a way that makes every meal time a celebration! And food is love, isn’t it? While we all strive as moms to feed our kids a healthy diet, the mere act of preparing food for the family table is LOVE. I’ve tried other food cutters…and my girls cheer at the chance to cut their sandwiches into the shape of a birthday cake or gum ball machine. And you know what? They don’t work! FunBites do. They have a curved blade cutter and a matching popper that make for great shapes that even the pickiest of eaters can’t resist. They are great for pancakes, cheese, deli meat, fruit… the possibilities are endless! Visit www.funbites.com for inspiration!

Bobbie’s children were picky eaters growing up, which is what led her to create FunBites. She has a background in product marketing at Revlon, so she was able to tap into a network of professionals who helped her launch her business. “People are truly amazing,” she says. And it’s true. You can’t become an entrepreneur unless you have people. Her first step in bringing her idea to life was to have drawings made. You know, just because you’re not the first to invent a concept doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to perfect it. Thomas Edison wasn’t the first to invent the light bulb. But he was the first to gut out the lengthy, complicated, and cumbersome process of making one hold light for longer than a few seconds. He had to build the grid….not just invent the bulb. (Did you know that? I didn’t! Not until I watched a documentary about Edison last week! Do you want to come over and watch TV with me? No? Okay…) A little ingenuity and a lot of hard work go a long way! 10 percent inspiration, 90 percent perspiration, right?

Bobbie has a solid background in business development, including an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, two years in advertising and public relations, and ten years with Revlon as a VP. Her background gave her a solid foundation in marketing on which to grow her business. For now, she IS her business—or, she and her family are, I should say. She contracts out for help as it’s needed, but she is a shining example of the fact that YOU CAN DO THIS! She doesn’t have an army of employees. She’s done a tremendous job of growing her business on her own. She “has people” who advise and support her, but she is the engine of this train!

When asked about managing stress and work/life balance as a momtrepreneur with an ever-expanding to-do list, Bobbie says that she involves her family in the ups and downs of the journey. “There are more ups than downs,” she says, “but it helps to have them along for the ride with me.” I also asked Bobbie a random fun question, inviting her to share with us the last movies she has seen that made her laugh, and cry. “I’ve only watched Shark Tank for the last year!,” she exclaims. And with good reason….. Bobbie is going to be featured on Shark Tank this Friday! Tune in to your local ABC network at 9pm on Friday and cheer Bobbie on with me!

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