• Playtime with Shelfie!
  • Playtime with Shelfie!
  • Shelfie - Front View
  • Shelfie - Side View
  • Shelfie - Bottom View


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Child Using Shelfie
Joy Jones, Creator of Shelfie

Joy Jones, Owner/President of JRJR Jones Products LLC and inventor of “Shelfie”, spent thirteen years in the field of goverment and community relations before turning the page to a chapter in which she is home with the family’s two preschool-age daughters.

“Shelfie” has been in development since 2011. Our family hopes that it will become the first in a series of problem-solving products brought to you by JRJR Jones Products.

Our Thanks

We are grateful to the professionals who have helped us get this venture off the ground, including:

  • Bruce Ferris and Chris Murray, SPARK Product Development
  • Mel Worthington, Worthington Photography
  • Brian Teague, Patent Law of Virginia LLC
  • Matt Klaman, Designer, Capital Results
  • Billy Pillow, Graphic Designer, Number One Design
  • Jodi Howell, LCB, Brokerage Supervisor, UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  • Lisa Maxwell, Business Development Manager, ANSECO Group
  • Victor Woods, Ares International Limited
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